Experience Innovative Wagering with Dinero World!

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Where You Can Virtually Own Celebrities, Characters, Brands, and Even Countries to Accumulate Points and Earn Profits! Join Dinero World Now!


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Dinero Poker is another product we offer, designed to gather and stimulate our community of hodlers while fostering competitiveness among them. Plenty of tournaments and tables are awaiting you!

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To reward our holders and users, we have designed a special mechanism that will reward our users.

All they have to do is hold the tokens, and they will receive a revenue share sent to their accounts at regular intervals.

$DINERO is the essential element of this ecosystem with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, a fixed limit that ensures no more tokens can ever be created. Currently, 100% of the supply is in circulation, with approximately 20% virtually burnt and frozen.

The tax rate is set at 5% for both selling and buying, and the contract has been renounced & Audited.

Tax revenue is utilized to maintain the project's sustainability, covering expenses, staff, and collaborations